Welcome to Fleet Mechanic Maintenance

If you rely on a fleet of vehicles for your work, you know that when any one of them is down you’re not making money no matter what your business is. Chances are your vehicles are seeing lots of daily use and keeping your fleet working efficiently is not an easy job. We’ll service your vehicles, Fleet Mechanic services whether they run on gasoline, diesel or LPG.

We Provide the 24 Fleet mechanic services and repairs in California. We are Providing the Services in Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, Paso Robles, Morro Bay, San Miguel, Creston, and Templeton California CA.

At Central Coast Fleet Repair, we understand the necessity for an accurate diagnosis and fast repairs when you have an issue. Our ASE certified (Fleet Mechanic Service) mechanics have the knowledge and experience to do both. We can also set up a maintenance schedule that works with the specific needs of your business with the best fleet maintenance to make sure each of your vehicles is being cared for to prevent issues that can occur from lack of service.

In addition to fleet mechanic engine repair and maintenance we also service:

  • Brakes – service, repair, replacement
  • Oil changes – oil and filter replacement
  • Air conditioning service – repair and coolant check
  • Transmission repair – fluid check and replacement to major work
  • Lube services – to keep you moving smoothly

We offer a fleet mechanic and maintenance management program for any and all vehicles in your fleet. When you bring us a list of your equipment, we will sit down with you and put all your equipment on a maintenance schedule based on the way you use it. We offer onsite preventative maintenance which means you won’t have to juggle dropping off a vehicle at our shop for a day. Our maintenance services are guaranteed to come in at or under the budget we establish with you. And you won’t need to chase us down to get the work down – when you’re on our schedule, we’ll reach out to you.